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News updated: July 28, 2016

The Way it was ...

The part feeder industry is currently dominated by hand built vibratory bowl feeders, which have not changed significantly since the 1950's. Vibratory bowls have traditionally been individually built to accommodate specific products with quality and price varying wildly between vendors and often times from the same vendor dependant upon the tooler producing the feed system.

The Way it should be done ...

Hamilton Feed Systems Inc. is an engineered part handling, orienting and feeding company. Using an engineering based team approach for each application, we accommodate the part tolerance and other variations into the tooling at the design phase. This removes the variation and other problems associated with current hand built part feeder system suppliers.

Hamilton Feed Systems' team uses their extensive experience in the part feeding and automation industries to design every project from simple vibratory feeders to orienting floor hopper elevators. With experience in industries from electronics to automotive and from pharmaceutical to fasteners we offer a complete range of part feeding systems to suit your application. Our team of specialists are ready to apply their experience producing systems to solve your production problems.

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