Hamilton Feed Systems Inc. Parts Feeding Systems
Designed for Dependability
and Delivered on Time



The Hamilton Feed Systems' advantage is built on the following:

Teams consisting of the production supervisor, a tooling technician, a project engineer and a sales engineer meet on each part feeder application to discuss the design of the system and the orientation tooling. The team uses their extensive personal experience with over 40 years in the part feeding and automation industries to design every project from simple vibratory bowl feeders to a floor hopper elevator with orientation tooling. The team will review and approve all designs at various stages during the engineering and production phases of the project.


Designing tooling separately from its production allows the tooling technician to focus on producing and not waste their time on constant redesigns. This reduces the lead-time associated with part feeder production and provided shorter delivery times for you the customer. Our modular approach ensures greater reliability and enhanced retooling possibilities should your product change in the future.

Managing your project by using clearly documented procedures and dealing with tasks in a consistent fashion we control cost, quality and delivery times, providing a better product with long-term reliability. Each contract will be reviewed carefully and meetings will be held prior to starting work on the order to create all the necessary project specific designs and documentation. You will be involved in approving all designs prior to production release and final shipment.

Engineering resources required to modularize and standardize the tooling also allow Hamilton Feed Systems to offer part presentation escapements, part placement systems and pre-assembly machine design, without carrying unnecessary overhead. Drawings are supplied to you in AutoCAD format for insertion directly into your design.


Production will be enhanced by performing the final parts system cleanup with sand or bead blasting, reducing the dust and noise in the shop caused by using abrasives and reducing the labour wasted on unnecessary bowl polishing. Only applications requiring cosmetic or regulatory finishes will be polished in the hand fashion thus reducing the time required to produce your feed system.

Quality is designed in at the applications and estimating phase and carried through our entire process by our Quality Management System. This ensures each system meets our strict criteria and will perform reliably in the field.

Support and Service are a cornerstone of our business and as required we provide installation assistance, training at our site or yours, spare parts and modifications even to your existing equipment based on your requirements, all backed by our trained expert team. Our quality is backed by a one-year factory warranty, a commitment to you that we are confident of our products performance.

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