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Accumulation Devices

After correctly oriented parts leave the feeder bowl they must accumulate prior to the next downstream operation. If they were allowed to backup into the feeder bowl they would cause jamming. (This is referred to as backpressure, and can be allowed if designed into the feeder tooling geometry permitting). This accumulation of parts is required for surge conditions that occur in production environments.

Feed rates are an averaged number that vary widely in operation and require a buffer to flatten this surge. The amount of buffer required is dependent upon part geometry, rate required and the nature of the downstream process.

Gravity Tracks


Gravity Tracks can be incorporated into a parts feeder system to transport oriented parts from the bowl discharge to connecting equipment. As implied by their name gravity tracks rely on gravity for their motion thus necessitating an incline that can range from 30 to 90 degrees dependant upon part geometry, operation, etc. They are typically suit simpler part geometries where the bowl height off ground level is not an issue and are used extensively in the fastener industry.

Various track configurations can be provided to change part positioning, including 90 or 180 degree twist to quarter-turn or invert parts as they are discharged from the bowl. Standard gravity tracks are non-magnetic stainless steel and can be coated with special materials if required.

Vibratory Linear Drives

Vibratory linear drives use the same drive principal as vibratory bowl drives and are used when a positive force is required. They are also well suited for maintaining part orientation via. their machined stainless steel contact surfaces. As parts feed from the discharge end of the linear track, it is critical to have controlled vibration so that a smooth transition occurs between the live (vibratory) and dead (stationary) surfaces.

Linear Belt Conveyors


Linear belt conveyors offer fast, quiet horizontal takeaway from feeders to auxiliary equipment. These high feed rates cannot be matched by vibratory takeaway equipment. The Linear Belt Conveyors can be used for such applications as part separation and counting by setting it to operate faster than the feeding equipment. Part contact surfaces can be constructed of mild or stainless steel, various adjustable speed ranges and torque are available.

Orienting Power Rolls

Orienting Power Rolls are counter rotating rolls set on a downward angle that provide continuous oriented, single-file feeding of tapered or headed parts from bowl feeders to discharge points. They are suited to parts such as screws, bolts, rivets and tapered roller bearings. Parts with small, differential diameters can also be handled with ease. Rolls will not bind or grip parts and are suitable for parts with fine tolerances.

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