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Accessories and Other Items

In addition to the standard components of an automatic feed station, Hamilton Feed Systems Inc. offers a series of accessories and options to help provide a system that meets your needs.

Support Tables


These are used to match a discharge height to your requirements and to provide sufficient mass for the vibratory feeders to properly function. These tables consist of a heavy-duty welded structural steel framework, with adjustable mount feet painted to match the base plate and drives.

Part Release & Transfer Devices

These devices can be incorporated into the system. These devices are automatically release and/or transfer oriented parts one at a time or in batches. Various sizes and quantities of oriented parts can be quickly and easily accommodated. Standard designs include both side shuttling style, and release finger style escapements.

Sonic Enclosures

These reduce noise caused by the loading of parts handling equipment and part-to-part interaction within the parts feeder. We can significantly reduce noise with our enclosures constructed of tube frames with removable panels. These panels are lined with sound foam secured to the inside.

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