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Occasionally a part will not suit a vibratory feeder either due to rate, space required or other characteristics. Hamilton Feed Systems also offers centrifugal rotary feeders and floor hopper elevator orientors for these instances.

Centrifugal Rotary Feeders

These use rotation not vibration to carry the parts through the qualifying area. The parts are processed by rotating past stationary stainless tooling on a rim relying on centrifugal force to push the parts against the ring. The centre of the bowl has a reservoir that contains some bulk parts and acts as a "return pan" for parts that are not in the proper orientation. Rotary feeders are capable of providing high rates of feed with gentle handling characteristics.

Floor Hopper Elevator Orientors


These combine an elevating supply hopper with orientation tooling. There are two basic styles of floor hopper elevator orientors vibratory and non-vibratory.

Non-vibratory Orientors
These orientors suit simple parts that roll or slide. These parts can be oriented directly on the belt with angled cleats, discharging onto a gravity track near the top of the belt, non-oriented or excess parts spill back into the hopper via a return chute.
Vibratory Orientors
These orientors use an inline vibratory orientor mounted near the top of the belt to provide orientation. Oriented parts are discharged into an accumulation device. Non-oriented parts or excess parts spill back into the hopper via a return chute.

Custom Designs

Custom machine designs utilizing our extensive feed system and automation experience are also available.

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